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Ammonium Acid Carbonate; Salvolatile

  • 5000mt/Month
  • L/C, T/T
  • Shanghai, China
  • 506-87-6

Usage: As leavening agent for manufacture of bread and biscuits, manufacture of ammonium salt and pharmaceuticals etc.Widely used in the production of medicine, pesticides, fire extinguishing agents, detergents, rubber, fermentation, fertilizer, wool refining, electronic components, is a valuable ammonia agent.Analysis of pure and chemical reagents.Can spot analysis of potassium, radium and thorium, can do chromatographic analysis reagent.It can also evolve into various carbonate products.
Ammonium Acid Carbonate; Salvolatile

product characteristics:
It is a white translucent lump or powder composed of ammonium bicarbonate and carbamate (or sodium complex).Pungent ammonia taste, soluble in water, but in hot water (70ºC) decomposition, insoluble in strong ammonia and ethanol, dew air gradually become ammonium bicarbonate.Heating at 580ºC, decomposition into ammonia and carbon dioxide.


Total alkali (as NH4HCO3): 99.2%min

Chloride (as Cl): 0.003% max

Sulphate (as SO4): 0.007% max

As content: 0.0002% max

Ash: 0.008% max

Heavy metals (as Pb ): 0.0005% max

Packing: 25kg/bag

Shipment: 25mt/fcl

Appearance: colorless translucent crystal or crystalline powder
H.S CODE: 28369940

Molecular formula :(NH4)2CO3
Molecular weight: 96.08
CAS no. : 506-87-6
Specifications: small block, flake, crushed

Packaging and marking:
(1) 30kg of plastic and woven bag
(2) wooden barrel (turnover barrel) 40kg
(3) plastic bottles (carton 1×20 bottles) 500g
(4) mark: analysis pure

storage: sealed waterproof, store dry, cool place.Shelf life is 10 months



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