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Complx Sodium Disilicate Csds

  • 5000mt Per Year

  • 25kg/Bag

  • L/C, T/T, D/P, Western Union

  • 13870-28-5

Product Overview:Complex sodium di-silicate (CSDS) is a new type of environmental pollution-free phosphate-free detergent additives, which is different from the traditional sodium silicate or sodium metasilicate, 4A zeolite, it is a second amorphous silica sodium compound, molecular formula as Na2O5Si2 , because of its moderate alkaline pH value, calcium and magnesium ions complexing capacity, good water solubility, can be widely used in the production concentrated washing powder, ordinary washing powder, non-phosphorus washing powder metal cleaning agent washing industry.

Calcium exchange capacity260.00mg CaO/g CSDS MIN289.23mg/g
SiO2 Content20.00%min22.02%
pH of 1% water solution, 20ºC12.00%max11.92%
Apparent Density0.4-1.00g/cm20.50
AppearanceWhite non-Pellet powder or granular Mission

This product uses in the detergent having following characteristic
1.CSDS and detergents active significant role in improving the detergency.CSDS in the thermal stability of decontamination ability, pH value and prevent ash deposition features and STPP.As a non - phosphorus detergent to meet all of the technologies and ecological requirements of STPP substitutes.
2.CSDS as non - phosphorus detergent, the most basic function is to keep the whole washing solution of Basicity (pH = 10~11), with excellent pH buffer.CSDS pH = 12.0.The basic or higher.In the process of production, According to use and water hardness appropriate changes in the Auxiliaries used to resolve
3.The CSDS water-solubility is high.20ºC in 100g water solubility ≥80%.The dissolved speed is quick, the temperature requests lowly, the solubility surpasses STPP, the 4A zeolite (not to dissolve) as well as the other sodium silicate powdery product obviously.
4.CSDS benefits from the craft innovates unceasingly, the thermostability is high.This product can also use in the high tower spray drying craft, makes the outward appearance and the wash performance with the traditional phosphoric laundry powder same product.CSDS before entire in the formula production process, can guarantee basically the chemical property was stable, has overcome the crystal structure collapse weakness.In the latter formula craft, the CSDS crystal structure can adsorb the surface active agent in the agglomeration formation craft, makes the outward appearance and the fluid good low phosphorus or the non-phosphorus laundry powder.
5.CSDS non-phosphorus detergent is the ideal highly effective assistant, the wash residue which the CSDS formula's wash product discharges finally is the sodium silicate.To the human, the animal, the water biology do not have the toxicity, will not have the virulent side effect to other materials, will flow in the rivers and streams, the lake, the sea or the soil has avoided the fat factor completely, will not create the pollution of the environment.And production cost compared to same scale detergent phosphoric low.Non-corrosive action
6.Recommended dosage of this product such as:Detergent for 8-30%;Industrial cleaning agent for 25-45%;Meals lotion, etc.For 3-8%

Detergent help lotion,Washiing pastes,Liquid detergents, Meals help lotion lotion, industrial Cleaning agent directly for the cleaning of oil, detergent and other heavy dirt
Product packaging
Packed in 25,50 Kg,500 Kg or 1000 Kg woven PP bags lined with inner PE bags




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