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  • 1000mt
  • 25kg
  • L/C, T/T
  • 72-19-5

The Julong series of cationic starch as a new type of high retention surface sizing starch, with positive charge, good affinity properties and fiber, can significantly improve the surface strength and printing paper printability, and will not enter the white water system, more due to the increase in positive charge paper surface, so that the ink negatively charged easily absorbed, thereby to make the printing more bright colors, is a new type of surface view of product at present domestic high-grade office paper, culture paper use.
The characteristics of products
High viscosity, strong adhesion, containing cationic, has a strong adsorption capacity to anion paper fiber;
Good flexibility, good abrasion resistance, excellent smoothness, good antistatic property;
The lower gelatinization temperature, gelatinization good dispersion, paste liquid stable, transparent, increase the adsorption and flocculation of fine pulp material, can enhance the strength of the paper is very good, pulp and other additives in the paper on the retention rate, increase the filter water paper, reduce paper wastage rate, improve wastewater by white degree.
Physicochemical index:
Appearance: white powder;
Water ≤ 14;
White ≥ 88;
The pH value of 6-8;
Viscosity (mpa.s) (NDJ-79,6%, 95? C) -----5-30 (
Fineness (%)≥ 98.5
The degree of substitution (%) ≥ 0.025 (the user needs to provide)
Method of use:
The goods will be put into cold water mixing, stirring, heating to 95? C, keep ≥ 20 minutes, you can use.
Per 25 kilogram bag; pay attention to waterproof, moisture-proof, anti hook.



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