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  • 500mt

  • 25kg

  • L/C, T/T

  • 73-22-3

L-tryptophan is human body and animal essential restriction amino acids of a, be called after egg ammonia sour, depend on an ammonia sour after of the third amino acids, Be medicine the raw material of the product and food and animal feed the additive have a vast market. invest 120,000,000 dollars, the year produces 500 ton color ammonia sour item already in 2009 Be finished throw produce, the the hurl of the item produce mark Ultrasaurus the company carry out is been thick to process toward the high technology by the simple starch of the development move forward and fill up domestic use ferment a method production L-tryptophan blank.
The item's technique rely on Tienjin science and technology the university and China ferment association, mainly adopt a valley ammonia sour stick rod bacteria mutation the stub ferment a method production L-tryptophan, pass my company business enterprise technique development personnel of unremittingly and hard make he/she produces a sour rate promotes to°from the original 20 gs/L a 40 gs/L above, and through a modern ferment process intelligence control technique, make use of super filter, tiny filter, etc. withdraw L-tryptophan, make its product withdraw accept lead more than 70% and pure degree can reach to more than 98.5%.the item adoption domestic leading level of directly ferment a method patent technique production craft, the the craft reduce pollution of the environment, economize a business enterprise manage polluting expenses, match nation economy energy reduce a row of industry policy, industrial pair outcome with abandon material, directly turn into animal feed and animal feed egg white powder work preface, truely carry out L-tryptophan industrialization produces of circulation the exploitation and cleanness turn production.
Physics and chemistry index sign:chemistry type:C11 H12 N2 O2 molecular weight:204.2 Ls-color ammonia sour content:98.0% thick egg white content(Nx6.25):84.0% the aridity lose heavy: the biggest 1.0% permit heavy(1000 gram/sign to rise):0.35& mdashes;0.45 animal feed formula consideration choice L-tryptophan, can help attain following effect:1: improvement formula of vivid, more by the square the amino acids of the equilibrium animal feed constitutes and satisfy an animal of growth and maintenance demand, raise an animal production function.2: L-tryptophan is digestible 100% amino acids, therefore, is more opposite than egg white raw material, it can morely in the exaltation animal feed can digest L-tryptophan level.3: L-tryptophan to is a pure nourishment animal feed additive, the not poisonous pair remains, can in various animal feed(include the animal feed of exported farming business enterprise) safety use.packing:the each bag is 20 kilograms.




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