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Morpholine; 1, 4-Axa-Azacyclohexane

  • 1000mt/Month
  • L/C, T/T
  • Tianjin, China
  • 110-91-8

CAS No.: 110-91-8
UN No.: 2054
Hazardous Class: 9.0
H. S No.: 2934999090
Molecular formula: C4H9NO
Molecular weight: 87.12

Usage: Morpholine is important material of producing NOBS(a kind of rubber promoter)and medical carbamidine of morpholine. It is widely used as antiseptic, active agent of surface, brightness-raising agent, bleaching agent, emulsor, vesicant of isocyanate, and water-cruing agent in boiler system, morpholine is also used to produce some of other chemicals, for instance alkyl morpholine, Moreover, it is widely applied in many fields, such as textile, printing and dyeing painting and so on.

Properties: colorless hygroscopic liquid with ammonia odor.It has hygroscopicity.Melting point -4.9ºC, boiling point 128.9ºC.Can be miscible with acetone, benzene, ether, alcohol and oil.It mixes with water and releases heat.Soluble in ethanol and ether, weak alkaline.

Package: 200KG/IRON DRUM.
Note: Morpholine is a kind of hygoscopic colorless alkaline liquid, ammonia flavour. It's gravity is 0.9994(20/4º C), it's melting point-4.9º C and it's boiling point 128º C. It is intermediary of many chemicals.

Specification: 99%min
Boiling arrange(5--95%): 126.3º C--128.4º C
Density, P20: 0.999--1.003%/cm3
Chroma(Po--Co): 10# hazen max

Morpholine; 1, 4-Axa-Azacyclohexane



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