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Red Phosphorus

  • 5000mt/Month
  • L/C, T/T, D/P
  • Shanghai, China
  • 7723-14-0

Molecular formula: P
Molecular weight: 30.97
CAS no. : 7723-14-0
Registry number: 7723-14-0
Density: 2.34
Melting point: 590°C

product name :Red Phosphorus
Content: 98.5%min    
Yellow phosphorus:0.005%max
Free Acid:0.5%max    
Fineness (60-mesh):70%min
Red Phosphorus; CAS#: 7723-14-0

Packing :50KG /DRUM (Brand new galvanized drum)
LOADING: 360 drums in 1* 20FCL with pallets, 18MT/FCL

Red phosphorus (red phosphorus) is a phosphorus unit, and white phosphorus is an allotrope.
Purplish - red or brownish amorphous powder, shiny.Density 2.34g/cm 3, heated to sublimate, but at 43 kpa heated to 590ºC to melt.
Used in production of safety matches, organophosphorus pesticides, phosphorous bronze, etc.
Red Phosphorus; CAS#: 7723-14-0

Emergency treatment:

I. emergency treatment of leakage
Isolate the contaminated area and set warning signs around it to cut off the fire source.It is suggested that emergency personnel should wear gas masks and appropriate work clothes.Moisten with water, collect in a dry, clean and covered container with a spark free tool, pour into an open place and burn on its own after drying.If there is a large amount of leakage, contact the relevant technical department to determine the removal method.
2. Protective measures
Respiratory protection: wear a dust mask.
Eye protection: wear safety glasses when necessary.
Physical protection: wear work clothes.
Hand protection: wear protective gloves.
Others: smoking is strictly prohibited in the work site.After work, shower and change clothes.Pay attention to personal hygiene.
First aid measures
Skin contact: remove contaminated clothing and rinse thoroughly with clean water immediately.Go to a doctor.
Eye contact: immediately lift eyelids and rinse with running water or saline for at least 15 minutes.
Inhalation: quickly leave the scene to fresh air.Perform artificial respiration when necessary.Go to a doctor.
Ingestion: gargle well, drink water and seek medical advice.
Extinguishing method: dry powder, sand soil.



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