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Titanium Dioxide; Titanium Dioxide Powder

  • 5000mt/Month
  • L/C, T/T
  • Shanghai, China
  • 13463-67-7


Titanium dioxide content (by weight): 90%min

Volatile component at 105° C (by weight): 0.75%max

Component soluble in water (by weight): 0.3%max

Residue on mesh (45μ M) (by weight): 0.05%max

Color(L*): 95%min

Light scattering power: 100%min

PH of aqueous suspension: 6.5-8.0

Oil absorption value g/100g, (by weight): 23%max

Resistance of aqueous extraction liquid, Ω @m, % (by weight): 50%min

Content of rutile: 98%min.
Titanium Dioxide; Titanium Dioxide Powder

Properties: titanium dioxide, whose chemical formula is TiO2, commonly known as titanium dioxide powder, is mainly used in photocatalyst and cosmetics, and can be sterilized and sterilized by ultraviolet light. It is now being widely developed and has the opportunity to become a new industry in the future.Titanium dioxide can be extracted by acid decomposition of rutile or by decomposition of titanium tetrachloride.Titanium dioxide is stable in nature. It is widely used as a white pigment in paint. It has good hiding power and is similar to lead white, but it does not turn black like lead white.It has the same durability as zinc white.Titanium dioxide is also used as a matting agent for enamels, producing a very bright, hard, acid-resistant enamel coating.

Physical structure: rutile type, anatase type;Crystal system, tetragonal system, tetragonal system.



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